Sympathy For The Devil

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Every once in a while a book comes along that changes everything. This is one of those books! A very original story about a fallen angel who decides it's time to find his way home. Available now as a Universal iPhone & iPad App and on Amazon Kindle, Coming Soon everywhere else!

Sympathy For The Devil A Serial Thriller

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Great Story
Like no other story you ever read.
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Like others around the work you will love this original mystery novel
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The Buzz About
Sympathy For The Devil

Un-put-down-able - This book is such an immensely enjoyable read—it is a long novel that will keep you occupied for days, but those days will be pure reading bliss.
Meghan - Amazon Top 500 Reviewer,

Loved It - This book had me hooked immediately! I couldn't stop reading it.
Niknodder, AppStore - Canada

Great story and an easy read! - Very descriptive. The characters are nicely fleshed out. And the story is fast paced and exciting.
Plato1119, AppStore - USA

This book is very different. - It has a premise like no other book I have read., AppStore

Get Sympathy For The Devil Now In The AppStore

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