Sun Tzu's The Art Of War

A Timeless Classic

The Art Of War is a Chinese writing on military strategy written by the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu. Its teachings have lasted through the centuries and have been studied and adopted by military commanders from all corners of the globe. More recently, Sun Tzu's teachings have been applied to modern day business and conquering one's own personal life.

Sun Tzu's The Art Of War

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A must read - Good info for everyday life!
MrDoubleDeeZ, AppStore - USA

Neil - Excellent app....made up you can get an app like this one. A well designed one also. This app covers the lot....
TKO GYM, AppStore - UK

Convenience - Nice format gives you classics at your fingertips
Triple jaid, AppStore - Australia

Art of War - Practical insights that are as relevant to daily life as they are to the battlefield
Lisa Lee, AppStore - USA

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