A Book Of Five Rings

In The Tradition Of Art Of War

A Book Of Five Rings, the classic guide to the Way of strategy by master samurai Miyamoto Musashi, is now available in a stunningly designed iPhone/iPod Touch app.

Book Of Five Rings By Miyamoto Musashi

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For Business, Martial Arts, and Life

A Guide To Life
Indispensible guide of strategies for battle and life.
Beautiful art gallery
18 pieces by Musashi and other artists who painted scenes of Musashi's legendary life
Miyamoto Musashi
Learn about the man, the myth, and his amazing life.

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The Buzz About
A Book Of Five Rings

An art - Life changing, a true book of teaching and a book not to be overlooked!
TheWorldKing, AppStore - USA

Many lessons - This is a good read. This book has many lessons to be learnt that can be applied to our modern lives.
Rennler, AppStore - Canada

Book of five rings - A Timeless guide for every confrontation or challange in live
Basilius van Houte, AppStore - Netherlands

A way - Incredible resource for a small cost. This guide can change your life.
PanicRev16, AppStore - Australia

Get A Book Of Five Rings Now In The AppStore

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