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Bridgewater, New Jersey - 288 Vroom LLC, creators of over 25 top-selling iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps, announces The Amazing Hunt Around The World, a new type of puzzle game for the iPhone platform that uses a customized in-app version of Google Maps and the entire world as its playing board.

The object of the game is to solve riddles that identify real-world locations and then pinpoint each location on the map. Completing a location reveals the clues to the next destination. It's a simple concept, but not as simple to beat. The riddles are mysterious and almost detective-worthy, but solvable with crafty thinking and a little help from the app's built in web browser, which is essential in figuring out some of the riddles and even in helping locating destinations. The app also includes a Travel Journal which automatically saves each discovered location's picture, riddle, and shortcut to it on the map.

While the riddles are mind-bending fun and will certainly keep players coming back for more, it's also the prize of dropping the pin on the correct destination, finally seeing a green pin instead of a red one and then zooming in on the satellite image and actually seeing that place for real and what's around it. It's arguably one of the best Achievements possible in any game. As the game goes on, some destinations, including some of the larger ones, become very challenging to locate and players must get creative to hunt down places on the map. Some locations in the games will be well-known, others are hidden gems, but all locations were specifically chosen by the developers because they look pretty cool on Google Maps.

Each version of the app has already gotten great reviews in iTunes AppStores around the world. Including many people calling it the 'Best App Ever'.

Three versions of the app are currently available in the iTunes AppStore. Episode 1: American Adventure takes the player on a journey to almost 50 destinations across the United States. Then there's the Haunted Halloween Edition, which travels to almost 20 ghostly, horror and other scary related locations around the entire world. Lastly, there is a free 'lite' version of Episode 1: American Adventure that allows the user to try the first five locations of the game.

Each version is complimented with a fitting soundtrack. American Adventure has a distinct American sound of Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Country. The Haunted Halloween Edition has an extra creepy mood-setting soundtrack that may make some players want to keep the lights on. The free lite version does not include all of the songs. For more information, screenshots, or to purchase, visit The Amazing Hunt Around The World online.

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